E46 325/330 Turner/Corsa TSE3 Axle-Back Sport Mufflers
E46 325/330 Turner/Corsa TSE3 Axle-Back Sport Mufflers

E46 325/330 Turner/Corsa TSE3 Axle-Back Sport Mufflers

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  • Aggressive, Throaty Sound
  • No Highway Drone!
  • Rear Muffler Section - a bargain compared to a full system
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty

Corsa's TwinSilencer Exhaust will change the sound of the E46 325/330 from a mild mannered commuter car to a true sports car. Corsa has designed a E46 performance exhaust with a tuned aggressive sound that is worlds apart from the stock ho-hum exhaust. But thanks to their innovative RSC technology this exhaust stays civilized at normal speeds and RPM. This is a sport exhaust that you can live with on a daily basis but it opens up when you get on it. This Corsa kit is known as the "Light" version and includes the rear muffler only, after the rear axle. It has the same mufflers as the full cat-back TSE3 exhaust but replaces only the rear muffer. This gives you nearly all of the sweet Corsa sound but a more accessible price point. Tips are available as polished or black and laser engraved with the Corsa logo. The black tips have an innovative coating that won't chip or flake and provides outstanding corrosion resistance.

Although known as the Twin Silencer Exhaust (TSE3) this system almost has dual personalities. When driven aggressively it produces a throaty and charismatic exhaust note. It has plenty of burbles and pops that a performance exhaust should have and compliments other performance upgrades you may have on your car. But when driven lightly there's only a slight hint of sporty sound. It becomes a subdued version of its other self and completely livable on daily and highway trips with NO DRONE! You can use it on a daily driver without it being annoying or intrusive and then let it off its leash for the weekend fun runs.

Reflective Sound-Cancellation (RSC) technology - This feature is a patented non-electrical noise control system, where engine sound (pressure) waves are reflected in passages inside the muffler 180 degrees out of phase to cancel out unwanted sound waves. The result is a tuned muffler that "cleans up" the noise without eliminating the pure sound of power associated with a high-performance vehicle. Using the Corsa technology, the stainless steel mufflers are tuned to eliminate passenger cabin resonance and produce just the "right" sound. The result is quieter cruising with an awe-inspiring roar at full throttle. This system is amazingly quiet during normal cruising, due to the "no drone" RSC technology, yet still has an aggressive presence and full sound while under throttle. This makes for ideal sound for those that want an aggressive "roar" while driving hard, yet still want a more discrete lower volume for normal cruising.

This is an axle-back system, which replaces only the rear mufflers of the stock 325/330 exhaust. It's very easy and straightforward to install and the rest of the exhaust can remain on the car (the original muffler is cut from the exhaust). Detailed photographic instructions are included. This system is 100% Made in the USA and carries a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. This exhaust is emissions legal in all 50 states (no effect whatsoever on emissions, and no "Check Engine" warning lights).

Sound Clips:

325Ci with TSE "light"
revving and exterior driving

330i with TSE "light"
stock vs. Corsa, revving

330ci with TSE "light"
revving and drive-by

Exhaust Specs:
section: rear muffler
connects to: stock exhaust section up to the rear axle
tip style: 3" dual round; stainless or black (polished)
material: T304 stainless steel

This TSE "Light" version exhaust fits the following BMWs:
2001-2006 E46 BMW 325i 325ci 330i 330ci
E46 325/330 Turner/Corsa TSE3 Axle-Back Sport Mufflers
E46 325/330 Turner/Corsa TSE3 Axle-Back Sport Mufflers